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Hypnotherapy Services


Is anxiety or stress stopping you from enjoying life?  Do you suffer with IBS or other stress related ailments? Are you  always trying to lose weight? Do you want to quit smoking for good? Would you like to move on from past relationships?  Do you have issues with public speaking? Hypnosis can help you take back control of your life!


Hypnosis is a safe and gentle way to communicate with the conscious and subconscious minds, allowing changes to be made much faster than conscious effort alone. It is a natural state of mind that we all drift in and out of every day, for example; zoning out while listening to music,  meditating, watching a movie or reading a really good book, or chatting on a mobile phone while driving (naughty!) and reaching the destination but not remembering the trip.


Hypnotherapy can be used to help accelerate the body's own healing abilities, manage pain and calm down inflammations. For example, when people visualise their immune system working better by imagining healthy strong white blood cells fighting off small weak germs and bacteria, their white blood cell counts increases after a few minutes. With the use of hypnosis and visualisation, people  can learn how to influence their own bodies as well as being able to enter a deep state of relaxation, gaining a greater sense of calm and peace from deep inside.


Not sure if hypnosis is for you! A 15 minute consultation is available by phone so we can have an informal chat to answer your questions. If we are both happy, I will take some information and set a date for your first appointment.


The initial treatment consultation is $90 for approx 1.5 hours. This consultation consists of completing an intake form regarding your medical history, personal details, your goals and expectations, creating an individual treatment plan for you and  initial hypnosis treatment for approximately 50-60 minutes. Consecutive/follow-up consultations are $80 (one hour) and consists of continuing the hypnosis to remove obstacles and blocks until you achieve your desired outcome Some people may only need two sessions, others may need more depending on their issues and length of time it has been a problem. I recommend at least 2 sessions a week apart for the treatment to be effective, but the final decision is yours. NB: the follow-up session must be no longer than one week from the original treatment session to qualify for the discount.


Some of the issues hypnotherapy can assist with;


Anxiety, Stress & Panic Attacks - Not only can stress and anxiety affect your health and relationships, it may even cause panic attacks and health issues such as IBS. Hypnotherapy is a safe, gentle way to help you to overcome anxiety, reduce stress and excessive worry, feel calmer and in control, assisting you to overcome challenges and enjoy your work/life. Some people feel a significant change after the first session, we recommend 2 - 3 sessions for the treatment to be effective.


Self Esteem/Self Confidence - Low self esteem can affect your confidence in personal relationships, work and social situations and may cause a domino effect in other areas of your life. Hypnotherapy will help you re-learn your self-worth on a deep subconscious level, resulting in almost all areas of your life improving. The usual required number of sessions is 2-3, depending on how long it has been a problem, we recommend at least 2- 3 sessions for the treatment to be effective.

Fear of Public Speaking - Do you panic if you are asked to do a presentation at work? This type of fear can make you avoid speeches in public or joining in discussions with friends. It can also cause excessive blushing making you seem shy and awkward. Treatment for this condition usually requires around 2-3 sessions.

Fears & Phobias - Fear of heights (Acrophobia); public or open spaces (Agoraphobia); noise sensitivity (Misophonia); flying and spiders are the most common phobias experienced by the majority of people, but there are so many more triggers that get that fear going. The amount of sessions required depend upon the problem. It is recommended that you have 2 - 3 sessions.

Bad Habits - Some bad habits are a reaction to anxiety, such as nail biting, picking skin, pulling hair etc, fortunately they can be overcome with hypnotherapy. Normally 1 2 sessions are enough if there is no underlying problem

Psychic Development - This therapy has been created especially for people who are on their spiritual path but are having problems meeting their spirit guides and developing their psychic potential. In just 2 sessions any blockages will be cleared and you will feel more confident about connecting to the spiritual world.


Weight Management Program - Whether you want to lose weight, put weight on or maintain a healthy weight, hypnotherapy will teach you new ways of thinking, addressing emotional issues that trigger overeating/under eating/binge eating, replacing dieting with life style changes. You don't have to give up your favourite foods, rather it is about adding new things to your life. Even although you may have tried to lose/maintain weight in the past and failed, this program is designed to to teach you new habits and set realistic goals to help your body become the ideal weight that it should be. For maximum results, it is beneficial for you to use hypnosis in conjunction with a diet regime and exercise. The Weight Loss Program consists of 4 weekly sessions, a guidebook and  cd recording of sessions. Fee $330,  or if paid in advance - less 10% discount,  $295.


Stop Smoking Program
Do you want to quit smoking? Are you coughing and spluttering every morning, concerned about your health, sick of smelling like an ashtray and watching thousands of dollars a year go up in smoke? Now take a minute and ask yourself "do I really want to stop smoking?". Take a moment and think about it, what would it be like to feel good, to breathe better, to be fitter and not turn everyone off with your breath. If your answer is YES, call me now to book a consultation. The Stop Smoking Program consists of 2 sessions a week apart, a guidebook and cd recording of the session. Your investment for a better life is $170, payable in full at the first consultation. Top up sessions, if needed, are $80 per hour.


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