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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it feel like? There is a general misconception that a hypnotherapist 'puts you under a trance' or you go to sleep and have no control. This is so wrong! You are in a dream like state, but in total control at all times and will remain alert and aware, although the body feels very heavy. It is similar to the  state of relaxation you achieve while meditating,  listening to music, reading a book or lying in the sun on the beach. You cannot get ‘stuck’ in this state and there is no danger to you.  Not everyone sees images, some people sense, feel or just know what is happening. Have you ever watched a movie/DVD and then some time later discussed it with your friends? You are not consciously watching the movie, you are recalling it from your subconscious mind. That is what hypnosis/past life regression is like.

What happens during a session? After a discussion about your issues and expectations, you sit in a recliner chair and are then guided through deep relaxation techniques and a guided meditation to relax your body and mind. Once you are relaxed and your brainwaves have dropped into Alpha (similar to daydreaming or meditating), you are guided back through your subconscious mind to look at memories from your childhood and then from there into a past life memory. You will be guided through that life to look at who you were, what country/year it was, what sort of occupation you held, your relationships, family  members and to look for any issues that may be hindering your current lifetime. Once we have explored that life and looked at significant events, we move on to the death scene (don't worry, you don't feel it) and from there into the spiritual gateway to talk to your spirit guides/angels for some clarity and you also receive  a healing. I guide you all the way and ask relevant questions. After your regression we will discuss what you have experienced and I won't let you leave until you are fully grounded.

Does it work for everyone? Anyone can be hypnotised provided they are willing, it is a simple matter of following instructions. There may be times when this therapy is not successful,  e.g. anyone on medications for anxiety or depression may find that their subconscious mind is not responsive; regular users of recreational drugs may suffer with depression, increased anxiety, stress or negative emotions; people who are overly anxious/nervous or have control issues may find it difficult to achieve the desired outcome in one session; or religious beliefs may also affect the outcome.

Has everyone lived before? I honestly don't know. I have been practicing since 2002 and there have only been a few clients that have had a blank slate, so to speak. Perhaps this was due to their age, or their current life may have been their first incarnation. Some of us choose to incarnate into human forms while others prefer to act as a spirit guide, we do not incarnate as animals, dogs, cats, fish, dolphins etc. There are many different types of souls that co-exist as plants and animals.


Can my guides block the memories? Yes, sometimes your guides or higher self may not want you to recall a past life, perhaps a major decision or career path is imminent and they feel you need to make the choices without advanced knowledge. Sometimes we have an agreement with our guides to keep the amnesiac block in place for a lifetime because it serves our best interest. If this happens, I take you into the spiritual dimension to contact your spirit guides and guardian angels, usually they allow access to some memories and you also receive a healing from them.


How much does it cost? The fee for a Past Life Regression is $180 for 2 hours. All sessions are recorded on a CD for you to take home or you can bring a USB device. When you make a booking we require a non-refundable deposit of $50.  You can change the time as long as you give us 48 hours notice.

Do I have to pay if it doesn't work? Yes, you do. Prior to the session I talk to you by phone to discuss your reasons, medical history and assess your suitability for this type of therapy, after which I will advise you whether I feel a past life regression is suitable for you and if not, I  will suggest an alternative. During the past life regression, if for any reason you can't access your memories, I will guide you into the spiritual realms to contact your spirit guides and guardian angels who will answer your questions and remove any blockages etc. Please go to the terms & conditions page for more information.



How many sessions are required? Normally one session is enough to release any issues, blockages or fears, however, there may be more than one issue to be dealt with. If you would like to release these blockages and fears etc, but don't want another past life regression, we offer a follow-up Hypnotherapy session at a special rate of *$80 for a one hour session (if booked within 1 month of original session)


Can my partner/friend and I have a double session? No, Past Life Regression is a one to one, in-person process. As I use hypnosis & guided meditation to unlock the memories from the subconscious mind there can be no distractions or noise. Some people may find the experience quite emotional and knowing that another person is there can affect the session. Also, I can inadvertently hypnotise anyone else who is in the room.


What do I need to do to prepare for the session? Absolutely nothing! Forget everything you have read or heard about past life regression. Most of the client histories  you read about are taken from on-going sessions and edited for the book.  Some people have been told by psychics that they were a priest in Atlantis or something similar and their expectations are high. While I don't discredit this, most of the lives experienced are much like we have now. I have no control over which life you go to, it is up to you, but be assured that the life you recall will benefit you right now.


Before your session it would be advantageous for you to think about what questions you would like answered e.g. your life’s purpose, lessons to be learned, if you are on the right career path, or relationship issues. And please, don't surround yourself with white light or use any other protection method. All this does is block you from accessing your subconscious memories. Apart from being a qualified, experienced hypnotist, Marlaine is also a psychic-medium. You will be completely safe in her office during this process.


Where are you located? I work from my home/office in Wahroonga (Hornsby) Monday to Friday and my Croydon office on Sundays. Although you can make an inquiry by email I will need to talk to you prior to the session by phone or Skype to discuss your reasons for the past life regression and also your whether you are/have had any medical conditions e.g. bipolar, epilepsy, schizophrenia, or are on medications or anti-depressants. If you do suffer with any of these illnesses a referral letter from your doctor is required.


How long have you been practicing? I completed my Past Life Hypnotherapy qualification in 2002 from the Academy of Applied Hypnosis in Sydney and have been in private practice since then. I am also certified in Modern Hypnosis from the Tad James Co, (who are associated with the American Board of Hypnotherapy). I am also a member of the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists and have full insurance. Initially my practice was part-time but I became so busy that in 2008 resigned my day job to focus on my business.


NB: There are so many therapists around these days, some only doing a weekend workshop, so it is important  to check that they are professionally trained, insured, belong to an association and are experienced in this field. Inexperienced therapists may only guide clients through the past life omitting the healing and soul connection, which may result in confusion or unresolved issues. (Past life Regression does not pose any risk or contraindications to the client with a trained professional or a novice practitioner)


I'm not sure if this is a conflict with my religion. My advice -  if in doubt, don't. This excerpt  was taken from a book entitled 'Guided by Angels' by Paddy McMahon.


"Reincarnation is a common belief among Eastern religions and philosophies and it was  an integral part of Christian faith until removed by the Second Council of Constantinople in 553 AD. Since then it has never been officially recognised by the Catholic church or major Protestant churches although many Christians continue to believe in reincarnation."


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